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Work and Activity Center

Offering Exceptional Care and Support

The Riverside Foundation is a distinguished community that provides unparalleled care and support to adults with moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities. Located in Lincolnshire, Illinois, we offer extensive residential services in addition to small group homes in the surrounding areas. Our ultimate goal is to foster a nurtur ing and supportive environment toempower our residents, and allow them to experience greater independence to pursue their interests. Our dedicated staff provides unwavering support to ensure that our residents receive the best possible care.

At our Work and Activity Center in Vernon Hills, we offer a professional work environment that in stills practical skills, strong work ethics, and job-specific abilities in our residents. Our residents play an integral role in the business community by providing essential services such as light packaging, assembly, inserting, labeling, collating, mailing, and bulk mailing. Through this experience, they gain firsthand knowledge of the importance of functional interdependence, fostering a sense of empowerment and fulfillment that allows them to feel valued and productive. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident. We conduct comprehensive assessments that evaluate their strengths, as well as their physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. Using this information wedesign effective programs that incorporate social services, specialized therapies, recreation, and medical services. Our residents are encouraged to play an active role in designing their personalized programs, including their personal goals, such as pursuing educational opportunities and engaging in activities that bring them joy.

Our community integration programming is an essential component of our approach. We provide productive life- skills training and recreational activities to each resident, working closely with them to enhance their independence, responsibility, and socialization skills. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates to ensure that our residents receive holistic care that supports their personal goals, including educational opportunities and pursuit of interests. We place a strong emphasis on community integration, instilling the confidence our members need to thrive in the real world.

We are committed to providing the best possible care to our residents, and our individualized assessment process allows us to do just that. By addressing each individual’s unique strengths, needs, physical, emotional, and psycho- logical challenges, we can tailor our programs to be as effective as possible. Our team of professionals provides social services, specialized therapies, recreation, and medical services to ensure that our residents receive holistic care that supports their personal goals. Our community integration programming promotes independence, responsibility, and socialization skills toinstill the confidence our residents need to thrive in the real world.

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