Women's Board

Making It All Possible

Riverside Foundation has flourished with the generous support and help from the Riverside Foundation’s Women’s Board.

The Riverside Foundation Women’s Board is a volunteer organization of caring women who support Riverside Foundation in all kinds of fun and gratifying ways.

Our efforts include:

  • Fundraising through events like the annual Golf Outing
  • Special outings and events with the Riverside clients
  • Women’s Board social events
  • Providing support for holiday celebrations at Riverside Foundation
  • And many more!

Beth Ann Fell as President of the Riverside Foundation Women’s Board.
For more information about joining the Riverside Foundation Women’s Board contact either
Beth Ann Fell               Pam Brown
         fellfamily@mac.com                        pamsuebro@gmail.com


About the Women’s Board


The Women’s Board is a volunteer organization who supports Riverside Foundation through fundraising events and volunteer activities.


The Riverside Foundation Women’s Board conducts fundraising activities throughout the year for the Riverside Foundation.


Throughout the year, the Women’s Board hosts a wide range of activities for the residents and volunteers.


We are always looking for new members who are willing to share their time and talents.

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"From the beginning, Riverside appealed to me as a place that provided a wonderful caring home to people in need. As a special educator and the sister of someone with an intellectual disability, I understood the population. As my involvement deepened, I found that Riverside provides so much more than a place to live and an activity center – it provides a sense of belonging and family, and a place of stimulation and fun."

− Prudence Hallarman, Vice President Board of Directors and Women’s Board Member
Riverside Foundation relies on your donations to provide updated and enhanced equipment as well as innovative programming for our residents. Your generosity is guaranteed to have profound impact on someone’s life. You can make a difference!


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