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Enriching Lives - one person at a time

The place for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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A Sense of Community That Goes Beyond Just a Place of Residence

Welcome to Riverside Foundation: Enriching Lives, Fostering Independence

At Riverside Foundation, we are dedicated to enriching lives—one person at a time. Nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire, Illinois, we stand as a beacon of hope and support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since our inception in 1976, we have been the cornerstone of compassion, providing home and support services to over 500 individuals. 

More Than a Residence: A Vibrant Community 

Riverside Foundation is more than just a place of residence; it’s a vibrant community where individuals find purpose, support, and a sense of belonging. Our wooded campus, serenely situated along the Des Plaines River, serves as the backdrop for personal growth and empowerment. Here, residents are not merely recipients of care; they are active participants in their own journeys. 

Empowering Through Independence 

We offer a range of opportunities designed to foster independence and skills development. Our Riverside Community Center (RCC) in Vernon Hills provides real-life work experiences, allowing residents to assume meaningful responsibilities. For those seeking increased independence, our off-campus small group homes or CILAs (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) provide a supportive environment with staff assistance. 

Compassion in Action 

At Riverside Foundation, our compassionate staff is the heart of our community. Committed to providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, they offer more than just daily assistance. Through counseling, teaching, and unwavering support, our staff members empower residents to overcome challenges, embrace their potential, and lead fulfilling lives. 

Join Our Journey 

We invite you to join our journey of compassion and empowerment. Whether you’re a resident, a family member, a supporter, or a potential team member, Riverside Foundation is a place where lives are transformed, dreams are nurtured, and futures are shaped. Together, we create a community where everyone is valued, respected, and given the opportunity to thrive. Welcome to Riverside Foundation, where we enrich lives and celebrate the strength of the human spirit.

You Can Make a Difference

Donations from our generous supporters are vital to furnishing our residents with top-notch equipment and programming. By contributing to our cause, you have the power to positively transform someone's life and make a substantial difference!

Passionate and Committed staff Ensure Safe and Nurturing Environment with Daily Assistance, Counseling, Teaching, and Support

Compassionate Professionals: Fostering a Safe Haven 

At Riverside Foundation, our team of passionate and committed staff members forms the bedrock of our community. They provide far more than daily assistance; they create a nurturing environment where residents thrive. Through compassionate counseling, dedicated teaching, and unwavering support, our staff ensures that every individual under our care feels valued, respected, and empowered. 

A Commitment Beyond Care: Cultivating Confidence and Pride 

The Riverside Foundation Community Center (RCC) is not merely a space for learning job skills; it’s a sanctuary where confidence and pride in personal achievements are cultivated. Here, our residents discover their potential, learn essential skills, and build the self-assurance needed to navigate the world independently. 

Community Engagement: Making a Positive Impact Together 

Getting involved with Riverside Foundation is a meaningful way to give back to the community. Whether through volunteering time, sharing valuable skills, or contributing essential resources, our supporters play a pivotal role in creating a sense of belonging for our residents. Community partners, including dedicated corporate supporters, are instrumental in helping residents feel connected and valued. Thanks to these partnerships, Riverside Foundation has made a lasting positive impact on the lives of over 500 residents, fostering a community where everyone can thrive. 

Join Our Compassionate Community 

If you are passionate about making a difference and believe in the power of compassion, Riverside Foundation welcomes your involvement. Together, we can continue to create a nurturing environment, build confidence, and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Join us in fostering a community where every achievement is celebrated, and every resident is supported on their journey of personal growth and independence. Your support matters, and together, we can make a significant impact. 

Donors Have the Power to Make a Positive Impact

Empowering Change: Donors Transform Lives 

Donors hold the transformative power to create a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Your kindness and selflessness have the potential to change the trajectory of someone’s life. Riverside Foundation relies on the generosity of donors like you to provide our residents with updated equipment and innovative programming. 

Your Support, Their Brighter Future 

By supporting Riverside Foundation, you become a catalyst for change. Your contributions enable us to enhance the lives of our residents, providing them with essential resources and opportunities. With your support, we can make a tangible, positive difference in their world. Your generosity paves the way for brighter futures, fostering independence, confidence, and a sense of belonging. 

Thank You for Your Compassion

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for your generosity and compassion. Your willingness to make a difference reflects the best of humanity. Thank you for being a part of our mission, for believing in the potential of every individual, and for contributing to a world where kindness and support reign supreme. Together, we are shaping a better tomorrow. 

Exciting Employment Opportunities at Riverside Foundation

If you’re on the hunt for a fulfilling career, look no further than Riverside Foundation!


Looking to help out with a good cause?


To discuss planned giving or estate planning, please contact us. Download our Planned Giving brochure for more information.


Through donations, enhancements are possible and provide for innovative and updated technology equipment, environmental upgrades and compassionate care.


If you’re on the hunt for a fulfilling career, look no further than Riverside Foundation!

Empowering Lives: Riverside Foundation's Commitment to Quality Care and Support for Adults with Disabilities

At Riverside Foundation, we are committed to providing quality services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission is to ensure that individuals have access to meaningful educational and work opportunities that promote self-sufficiency and community. We strive to create a caring and respectful home environment and to develop independent living skills through wellness support and therapies. Our educational, developmental, and recreational activities are designed to foster interpersonal and social skills and encourage participants in work activities. Treating individuals and their families with dignity, respect, and understanding, providing quality educational, developmental, and leisure activities for all individuals, and working in partnership with families, volunteers, and the community are our core values. We are proud to support our employees, recognize their contributions, and provide a professional work environment while offering families peace of mind that their special loved ones are healthy and happy.

Our dedicated and compassionate staff play a vital role in ensuring a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, demonstrating their passion and commitment through daily assistance, counseling, teaching, and support.

Riverside Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our residential facility is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and certified by the United States Department of Health and Human Services as an Intermediate Care Facility for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The CILAs are certified by Illinois Department of Human Services. Riverside Foundation’s Work and Activity Center is certified by the United States and Illinois Departments of Labor and is certified by the Illinois Department of Human Services as a Developmental Training Program.

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