Mission and Values

Our Mission

Riverside Foundation will provide quality services and supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ensuring opportunities for individual choice and with commitment to providing these supports in a positive caring environment.

We carry out our mission by:

  • Creating a caring and respectful home environment
  • Developing independent living skills
  • Providing nursing supports and therapies
  • Providing educational, developmental and recreational activities
  • Developing interpersonal and social skills
  • Encouraging participants in work activities
  • Never forgetting our core values

Our Values

To seek out and advocate for meaningful educational and work opportunities which promote self-sufficiency and community
To ensure that individuals have  access to choices that promote their health, happiness, and independence
To support our employees, recognize their contributions, and provide a professional work environment
To strengthen families by facilitating peace of mind that special loved ones are healthy and happy
To treat individuals and their families with dignity, respect and understanding
To provide quality educational, developmental and leisure activities for all individuals
To work in partnership with families, volunteers and the community

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"Every time I entered Riverside’s residential facility in Lincolnshire or Riverside’s Developmental Services building in Vernon Hills, I was immediately greeted by a resident with an enthusiastic handshake or a warm hug – I always felt welcome!"

− Jim Walsh, former Riverside Foundation Board of Directors
Riverside Foundation relies on your donations to provide updated and enhanced equipment as well as innovative programming for our residents. Your generosity is guaranteed to have profound impact on someone’s life. You can make a difference!


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