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Community Homes

Discover the Riverside Experience: Community Campus and Homes

At Riverside Foundation, our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, independence, and family is at the heart of our community programs. Our expansion efforts have led us to establish welcoming small group homes in nearby neighborhoods, creating opportunities for independent living while surrounded by a supportive environment.

Independent Living with Supportive Surroundings

Our community homes prioritize inclusivity and the feeling of home, ensuring that every individual feels valued and supported. We believe in personalized service planning that caters to individual needs, empowering residents with self-advocacy skills and encouraging their active participation in community events. Our comprehensive services extend to vocational planning, as well as medical, psychiatric, and counseling support, promoting residents’ overall well-being and coping skills development.

Welcome to Riverside Foundation Community Programs

The Riverside Foundation has taken significant steps to expand its residential services, establishing small group homes in nearby neighborhoods to provide individuals with independent living opportunities. These homes prioritize inclusiveness, family, and a sense of home while providing supportive surroundings.

The foundation is dedicated to broadening its program to offer more individuals the chance to reside in a welcoming and supportive group home.

Every resident in the Riverside Foundation community homes receives comprehensive services and support. These services include personalized service planning that prioritizes individual needs, self-advocacy skills development, and full participation in community events. Vocational planning and medical, psychiatric, and counsel- ing services are also available to prioritize residents’ health, well-being, and coping skills development.

Riverside Foundation boasts three community homes: The Kenwood House, CILA Harvey 2 at 203 Harvey Ave, and The Harvey House. However, the foundation is committed to establishing more homes to promote community living and a sense of belonging within the neighborhood.

At the heart of Riverside Foundation is a thriving community of nearly 100 individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Over half of these individuals have called our campus and residential facility home for 20 years or more, a testament to the familial atmosphere that we have created. Our group homes provide the necessary support for independent living, while nurturing a sense of belonging.

In addition to our residential program, Riverside Foundation operates a Work & Activity Center, offering valuable opportunities for skill development and personal growth in a real-life work setting. Here, our residents can take responsibility for their goals and choices, gaining the confidence and skills needed to lead fulfilling lives within our community.

Together, we are a family, working to create a brighter future for everyone involved. At Riverside Foundation, we strive to offer a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all residents, prioritizing individual needs, and promoting independence.

Our Growing Community 

Riverside Foundation proudly oversees five community homes, with three located in Grayslake, one in Gurnee, and another in Mundelein, complemented by an intermittent setting in Highland Park. However, our dedication knows no bounds, as we remain steadfast in our commitment to establishing more homes. Our aim is to expand the reach of community living, fostering a sense of belonging within neighborhoods. 

Nurturing Independence, Creating Belonging 

Within our community, nearly 100 individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities thrive. More than half of them have called our campus and residential facility home for two decades or more, a testament to the familial atmosphere we’ve cultivated. Our group homes provide essential support for independent living while nurturing a deep sense of belonging. 

The Kenwood House

The Harvey House

The Greentree House

West Shore


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