Community Partners

A Special Thanks To Our Community Partners

The Riverside Foundation receives unfailing support from several organizations that help residents to experience a variety of activities and connect as a part of a community. These exceptional groups, organizations and volunteers are an important part of the Riverside family. Through their tireless efforts, the lives of our residents are empowered and enriched in countless ways. We are so very grateful.

Stevenson High School

In the spring, Stevenson High School students participate in a Dance-a-Thon that raises funds for Riverside Foundation and SHS Kids in Need.  Riverside residents attend SHS Project Dance and have a great time.  Mrs. Rindy Hallarman, a Riverside Board and Women’s Board member, said, “This is a wonderful event that many residents enjoy.”

Boy Scouts – Northeast IL Council

The Boy Scouts visit Riverside monthly and sponsor many activities that our residents are directly involved in, including fishing, outdoor sports, and a Pine Wood Derby. The Boy Scouts also invite our residents to their day camp each year to enjoy a variety of activities. Our residents always have a wonderful time.

Camp Red Leaf

This past summer Riverside residents participated in CRL, conducted by the Jewish Council for Youth Services. Many amazing summer camp stories are made as residents swim, boat, and listen to stories around the campfire.

Center for Enriched Learning (CEL)

CEL is an agency in Northbrook that provides programs of varying interests to adults with developmental disabilities. From cooking classes, board games and current events to outings for community activities, CEL’s Sunday afternoon programs help enrich our residents’ lives.

Lincolnshire Animal Hospital

Trained therapy dogs from Lincolnshire Animal Hospital bring miles of smiles to Riverside residents several times a month. These four-legged friends have a lot of love to give and are cherished by all the residents that participate.

Lincolnshire Garden Club

Spring was in full bloom this year because of help from the Lincolnshire Garden Club. These volunteers provided the necessary financial support and put their hands to work alongside our residents to beautify the grounds of Riverside. Residents and volunteers planted a vegetable garden that produced colorful tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and pumpkins for everyone’s enjoyment.

Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County (SRACLC)

SRACLC offers one-time special events and ongoing programs designed for individuals with disabilities. Through the Village of Lincolnshire, a continuing SRACLC community member, Riverside is able to pay in-district fees for programs and events, including cheerleading, bowling, crafting, acting in plays, bocce ball and much more. Offered year-round, these programs are a favorite activity of our residents.

It’s easy to get involved! Call us at 847-634-3973 or contact us.


"I have been involved with Riverside residents for over 20 years, as Assistant Scoutmaster for their troop. I have found them to be some of the most delightful people I have ever known. They are enthusiastic, caring and seem to enjoy our meetings. I have also gotten to work with many Riverside staff and also find them to be truly caring. My involvement with Riverside Foundation has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences of my life."

− Marc Price, Volunteer
Riverside Foundation relies on your donations to provide updated and enhanced equipment as well as innovative programming for our residents. Your generosity is guaranteed to have profound impact on someone’s life. You can make a difference!


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